Using Plants to Read the Landscape

Landscapes change over time and so does the plant life that occurs there. Many plants occur naturally while others are introduced by people, perhaps because they are either useful or attractive. Some of these plants provide clues to the nature of past landscapes.

Plants are very particular about where they will grow, but they will occasionally linger on even when the landscape has undergone rapid change and no longer suits them. For example, Bluebells are now rare in the Heart of the Forest, because they usually grow on poor soils in old woodland. So, searching for Bluebells can reveal our remaining fragments of old woodland.

In this talk Michael Jeeves, Head of Conservation for Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, will use plants to describe the present and past landscape of the Heart of the Forest.

This talk is FREE to attend but must be booked in advance as capacity is limited. Contact or call 01283 551211.



Photograph of three wood anemone flowers

Photo by Martin Vaughan

Event Information

Date:06 Feb 2018

Time:7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Address:YHA National Forest
48 Bath Lane
DE12 6BD
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